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Welcome to the Off Topic category! As the name suggests, you can discuss here anything you want. If we see a topic trending, we will assess the possibility of creating a category.


Hi there,

it took me a while to understand, that this upper section of the site is not only a description of the category “Off Topic” – but actually a topic / forum thread entitled “Off Topic”? Is this correct?

As the “category” column has items like “DBF Connect Platform” and “Lounge”, I would have guessed “Off Topic” to be a category also, on first sight?

I am not sure this is accurate – thus the questionmark – I am just trying to report on my initial perception of the layout.

==> edit: I guess part of the confusion was this topic laying there with now answers yet. Now, that the first answer appears the typical forum design elements appear more clearly to me. Also the overview page now draws my attention to the topics that have changed since my last visit (I did not sign out, did I?) with that red line. And all of a sudden it is a lot clearer.

Still, I wonder what you would think about “Off Topic” being a catergory housing multiple threads? :thinking:

Lookings forward to hear back from you @Oguzhan_DBF

Best Regards,



Hello @CorneliusStiegler080

As you have noticed, the DBF Sandbox seems quite empty for now. The forum software we are using seems a bit confusing when it is not populated with topics, as the ‘categories’ per se work more like tags, so when you open a category, such as ‘Off topic’, you see posts marked as belonging to that category. In this case, the new topic, this one, has the same name as category so that might have been a cause for confusion.

This issue shouldn’t be that noticeable once the forums are used by more people so the whole on-boarding process will be improved and the confusion will be kept at minimum levels!


Hey @admin,

thanks for the reply – yes it is clearer already.
Looking forward to more interesting dicsussions in this forum!

Best Regards,